Is using an SEO specialist still important during COVID-19?


Times are tough right now. The big question is, to ramp up SEO efforts or not? Do you need an SEO specialist right now?


The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is changing things for businesses around the world. Businesses are being urged to help protect their employees and customers, while customers are frequenting many businesses less than ever before, either out of necessity or choice.

In Australia, the outbreak has led to Prime Minister Scott Morrison announcing measures including limiting people outdoors, closing pubs, clubs, entertainment venues, and many other businesses, and restricting other businesses. Even those businesses not directly affected may experience a knock-on effect.

This is why we suggest that it is more important than ever before for businesses to promote their brands with the help of an SEO specialist. Here are our five top reasons to work with an SEO specialist during this uncertain time:


Here are our five top reasons to work with an SEO specialist during this uncertain time:

SEO provides excellent ROI

The first reason that working with an SEO agency is important during this period is that it provides an excellent ROI. Businesses need to be able to maintain their cash flow during this uncertain situation, so encouraging new business is essential. Search engine optimisation provides people with the answers they’re looking for when they need something.


SEO ensures measurable Results

Being able to measure the results of marketing campaigns is key for any business. Working with an SEO specialist ensures that goals are set, and the right metrics are measured to meet the needs of the brand. During uncertain economic times, it’s especially important to monitor performance and any changes to ensure effective marketing and the best use of budget.


Increase in searches

While people are attempting to remain indoors as much as possible, it’s highly likely that they will be searching for more things online. When they are restricted in how much they can go out, and for which purposes, they may search for the things that they need online instead. They might also be shopping online for entertainment as well as for necessity.

Necessity of essential products and services

Although things might be different for a while, people still need goods and services. In fact, there are already various products and services that are in higher demand due to the COVID-19 situation. Using SEO techniques puts brands in front of consumers when they are looking for answers.


An SEO specialist can help you prepare for the future

It could be months before everything completely returns to normal, but eventually, it will. This is something that businesses will need to be prepared for. They might need to make some adjustments while things have changed, but working with an SEO specialist now will give them the right tools to work on campaigns for the future too.


Author: Jessica Williams

Author: Jessica Williams

Founder & Director - Phoenix Agency

Jess Williams is the Founder and Director of Phoenix Agency, an SEO agency that has enjoyed great success in helping clients achieve incredible results.

With over a decade of experience in the SEO and digital marketing space, she has helped advance some of Australia's most well-respected brands and fastest-growing companies.

 With the successful results of her clients as a driving force, Jess and the Phoenix team make it a priority to transform your website into a sales powerhouse while completely empowering and educating you along the way.